The doctors of DeaMed Clinic have already been performing long hair transplantation surgeries successfully for several years now.

Long hair transplantation is one of the interesting and progressive directions of hair auto transplantation, which doesn’t require shaving or cutting hair in donor areas (back of head and temples) and long hair grafts (follicles) are transplanted. Transplanted hair length is equal to the donor hair length in the moment of transplantation.


Dea Papaskiri, Marcelo Pitchon and Aleksiy Makharashvili at the 23rd ISHRS Congress, Chicago, 2015

The first publications regarding long hair transplantation appeared in 2004 and their author was a Brazilian surgeon Marcelo Pitchon. According to his technique long hair transplantation was only possible through FUE method.


Otavio Boaventura Lima and Aleksiy Makharashvili. 26th ISHRS Congress

Hollywood, 2018

It should me emphasized that in 2014-2015 the professor Aleksiy Makharashvili worked out long hair transplantation technology with FUE method. However, while the engineers were working on inventing the corresponding equipment and tools, in September, 2016 a Brazilian doctor Otavio Boaventura was the first to report about the same method to the 24th ISHRS International Congress in Las-Vegas. It was clear that he and Aleksiy Makharashvili were considering this issue at the same time, that’s why long hair transplantation with FUE method can be called Boaventura-Makharashvili method.

Otavio Boaventura

Long hair transplantation eliminates post operational rehabilitation period and gives huge positive emotion to patients.

Long Hair Transplantation Advantages:

  1. Patient can see the result right at the end of procedure, which will be actually achieved 10-12 month later. Transplanted hair density and direction is clearly visible.
  2. Patient doesn’t need to take a vacation from work or postpone business meetings, as hair isn’t shaved.
  3. Long hair transplantation can totally cover the red dots which appear after the procedure during the first week. The method makes the early post operational period unnoticeable, which makes the patient more confident and he returns to usual life rhythm even more actively right from the second day after the surgery.
  4. Surgeon can see the result of his/her work and is able to transplant hair in optimal density and natural direction.

However, it should be mentioned that long hair transplantation result is temporary and lasts for inly 2-3 weeks . after that the hair starts falling gradually and only after 2-3 months starts growing again, as well as in case of using other hair transplantation methods. Patient receive a noticeable cosmetic result in 6 month after transplantation, and the final result is achieved after 12 months period.

The only disadvantage of long hair transplantation can be considered the fact that in post operational period (first 1 week) it requires very attentive care and big carefulness, as the risk of falling out the transplanted hairs is really high.

All of the methods of hair transplantation give good results and have their pros and cons. The most preferable method or combination of methods for a certain patient is selected between a doctor and a patient individually.

Long hair transplantation result right after the surgery