Women are quite frequent visitors to DeaMed Clinic with hair transplantation desire, though hair transplantation in women, as well as in men, should have sharply exposed indications, like:

  1. Androgenic (Male Type) hair loss.

Androgenic alopecia in women are is described with different clinical characteristics than in men. As usual, in this case forehead line is maintained and hair loss starts from forehead and infratemporal areas. The first symptom of hair loss is often so called dividing line widening. Hair loss quality in women is assessed according to Ludwig scales, which consists of only three stages



before after


Here we single out the segment of women who underwent various plastic surgeries on the face and the scalp, for example, facelift. In this case, the hairline is broken in both the frontal and temporal parts and scars appear. The patient is limited in hairstyles, can not lift hair and wears a forced hairstyle to hide existing defects. The only way to correct such defects is hair transplantation.


before after


3.Traction alopecia

This process develops as a result of long term mechanic influence on hair. For example, in case very tight hair styling, like so called “gymnast hair style”, haired are constantly pulled from big area, which causes the follicles gradual movement to the surface of the skin and eventually the hairs fall. Mostly hair loss occurs in temple areas. In this case also, hair transplantation is the only effective treatment method.


before after




before after

Hair transplantation is performed with the safest and most effective methods in our clinic, they give the best results and at the same time shorten the rehabilitation period significantly. Using implanter pens allow us to increase hair density without shaving, which is very important especially for women.