Scientific Activities

As you already know being a doctor includes having complex talents, and among these features the most important ones are the abilities of critical thinking and analysis. So these two abilities are the basis of a doctor’s development and qualification growth. A doctor should always get to know the practical and scientific activities of their colleagues, analyzing and recognizing their achievements. Moreover, a doctor should be satisfied with achievements and should always seek to improve what is currently accepted as the best. In a word, science is the essential accompanying process of a doctor and medicine generally.

One of the biggest advantages of the clinic “DeaMed” is that highly qualified doctors work here, including one Professor and two Doctors of Medicine, that is why the clinic is so active in scientific activities. Consequently, all the treatment and diagnostic methods and technologies, used in “DeaMed”, are scientifically proven and their safety and effectiveness are out of doubt!

The doctors of “DeaMed” are the participants of numerous international conferences and the authors of many original scientific works. The unique dissertation in the world is made by plastic surgeon of “DeaMed” – Dea Papaskiri. The dissertation solves a very important problem of scarring alopecia.