In 2010 Dea Papaskiri defended a dissertation entitled “Surgical Treatment of the Patients with Scarring Defects on Hairy Area of Head” in MoscowIt means transplanting hair using follicular micro transplantation method. This is the unique work with its scientific value, which has no analogue in the world.

The dissertation solves the actual problem of scarring alopecia. It is based on the analysis of treatment results of 62 patients with scarring defects on hairy area of heads after different traumas or surgeries. All of these patients were treated in our clinics and all of them were operated using the follicular micro transplantation method.

The work researches the morphological structure of scarring tissues before and after hair transplantation surgery. It clearly defines the indications of hair transplantation in scarring areas and scientifically proofs the high efficiency of hair transplantation while treating the scarring alopecia. The work shows that transplanted hair viability (ability to grow) in scars is up to 93.82%.

The morphological researches of scarring tissues were held in experimental pathomorphological laboratory of Medical Academy of Moscow named after I. Sechenov. (Supervisor Professor A. Shekhter).

It was concluded that normal structure of transplanted hair follicles in scars is fully maintained. Moreover, improving dynamics of scarring tissue structure was histologically revealed, tissue solidity was lessened, cell populations were renewed, inflammation and dystrophic changes were decreased.

The dissertation attracted great interest and a lot of world clinics stated their desire to collaborate with our clinics in order to solve the important problem like scarring alopecia.

A lot of positive responses have been received.