Trichology is a science about scalp skin and hair deceases. It has been successfully functioning as a field of medicine in many developed countries of the world. Hair loss and alopecia has long been considered as deceases and they have got corresponding codes ( L64-L68) in ICD classification. So, enventing and establishing diagnostics and effective treatment algorithm in this direction became necessary in Georgia too.

Our program, studying trichology, aims to deepen the proper knowledge in the direction of trichology among the doctor-trichologists of Georgia and Transcaucasia and it is implemented on the base of Tbilisi State Medical University clinic DeaMed.

The head of the program is the president of “Georgian Society of Hair restoration” (GSHR), member of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS USA), President of Georgian Society of Hair Restoration (GSHR), member of Plastic, Reconstruction and Esthetic Surgery of Georgia (GeoPRAS), President of the Russian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (RSHRS), Current member of the Society of Plastic Surgery of Russia Dea (Diana) Papaskiri.

Main Aspects of Trichology Training Program:

  1. Differentiation of hair loss types;
  2. Correct planning of medical examinations;
  3. Performing various diagnostic manipulations (Wood’s lamp, dermatoscopy, trichoscopy, trichogram, spectrogram, computer diagnostics, taking skin smear, preparing platelets enriched plasma).
  4. Injection methods of treatment (Mesotherapy, PRP) and physio procedures.
  5. Correct selection of effective medications and cosmetic means, used in trichology.

After finishing the theoretical and practical courses you will be presented with a valid certificate, approved by Tbilisi State Medical University.

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