Skin diagnosis is done with a computerized dermoscope, followed by choosing skin care products individually and correcting the skin condition by a dermato-cosmetologist. Our patients deserve special, individual approach!

That is why at the primary consultation we diagnose your skin condition professionally and recommend the most effective cosmetic procedures based on received information. Later we monitor and analyze the skin condition improvements on each stage.

We also offer skin type and photo type diagnostics. The following skin parameters can be defined




Existence of pigmentations

Wrinkles Intensity

Neoplasms diagnosis nevus (mole, Keratosis, possible skin cancer, etc.)

DeaMed Clinic cares about your appearance and health!


Professional facial cleansing is one of the most popular procedures for women. The idea of the procedure is that skin follicles are cleansed from dirt, epidermis dead cells and closed comedones are open using different methods and equipment.

Facial cleansing can be done in any age, in children as well as elderly persons. During the facial cleansing procedure, besides the main effects, reparative and metabolic processes are stimulated and blood circulation improves.


This method is considered as one of the most effective methods nowadays. It must be mentioned that facial ultrasound cleansing has almost no contraindications and is absolutely painless. During this procedure, ultrasound waves remove epidermis dead cells. Ultrasound never damage healthy cells, vise versa, it stimulates the blood vessels.


Machinery brushing is a type of mechanic cleansing, which is done using special brushes and different peeling creams and liquids. The circular movements of those brushes provide removing the dead cells layer and, at the same time, they stimulate capillary blood circulation, as well as conducting facial massage.

It must be mentioned that facial cleansing indications and contraindications notwithstanding the type of cleansing.


      1. Acne;
      2. Reduced skin turgor;
      3. Oily skin;
      4. Open and closed comedones.


      1. Acute dermatitis;
      2. Acute stages of different purulent skin deceases;
      3. Herpes infection;


Selection of individual skin care program (under construction)


Peeling is a non-surgical method of aging skin rejuvenation. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. Peeling or exfoliation, involves removing dead skin cells from the skin surface aiming to improve the skin appearance. We fight against skin defects – superficial wrinkles, pigmentations, superficial scars, post acne spots, etc using peeling.

After removing dead cells, younger and healthier cells located deeper in the skin start dividing, which make the skin softer. And several days after the procedure the skin becomes more elastic, younger and healthier.

Peeling can be superficial, medium and deep. We use the safest, effective and tested peelings _ PH Formula. It belongs to superficial and medium peelings and has various acid combinations. Based on problem to be corrected, we use anti-acne, anti-age, anti chronic redness and skin lightening peelings.

The procedure is painless. Light burning sensation is normal, it is characterized with both instant and gradual effectiveness.