XXVII Congress of “International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery” (ISHRS), Bangkok, Thailand, 2019

The 27th world congress of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery was held on November 13th-16th, 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand: ISHRS-2019. The event was attended by 858 delegates from 69 countries of the world. The director of the clinic DeaMed, a plastic surgeon Dea Papaskiri and professor Aleksiy Makharashvili actively participated in the process of the congress.

It should be mentioned that a big part of the congress was dedicated to combatting with so called “black market” of hair transplantation. Despite the fact that hair transplantation technologies are so sophisticated nowadays that they meet all the requirements of any patient, patients are still in danger as some non-qualified doctors and fraudulent clinics attract them through active, fake marketing means, which is frequently followed by incorrigible consequences. The fact that there are only two methods of hair transplantation was emphasized once more: FUT (Strip) and FUE, robotic hair transplantation (Artas) is considered separately. As for the abbreviations like, DHI, HFE, MFT, advance FUE and others, these methods simply do not exist! They are just marketing tricks and lure for under informed patients, as if they presents more modern and progressive methods.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery started an active campaign Fight the FIGHT ( Fight the Fraudulent, Illicit + Global Hair Transplants!), which aims to combat against global fraudulent and illegal hair transplantation. The clinic DeaMed joins the global campaign – protect patients from hair transplantation “black market”.


The congress was followed by traditional gala dinner and award ceremony. “Golden Follicle-2019” was awarded to Robert H. True, we sincerely congratulate to him!