XV Congress Of “Italian Society Of Hair Restoration” (ISHR). Syracuse, Italy, 2014

The 15th International congress dedicated to hair restoration surgery was held in Syracuse, Italy on June 26th-29th, 2014.

ISHR- Italian Society For Hair Restoration was the organizer of the congress. The Presidents of the Congress were Franco Buttafaro and Pietro lorenzetti.

Local and international specials were invited to the congress. The specialists with great scientific and practical experience from Italy, USA, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Germany, Turkey, Russia and Georgia shared their achievements with each other.

The President of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS, USA) – Vincenco Gambino presented a profound report about future plans of the Society and its important role in the evolutionary issues of hair transplantation methods.

Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili, plastic surgeon Dea Papaskiri and dermatologist-trichologist Maka Doghozashvili took part in the congress activities.

Besides interesting presentations, this high class scientific congress included practical workshops too. The majority of them were about therapeutic and surgical methods of hair restoration, as well as aesthetic side of treatment.

Georgian Delegation on the Opening Day of the Congress.
D.Papaskiri, A. Makharashvili, M. Doghozashvili

The effectiveness of Finasterid and Minoxidil during androgenic alopecia treatment and post surgical period management was emphasized once more.

Active participation in the congress activities convinced us again in the fact that we are closely following the innovations of hair restoration medicine and implementing the latest achievements in our own practice. We use the safest, modern, trustworthy, and approved methods in the world to treat patients.

We would like to thank to the organizer of this interesting congress – ISHR -ს (Italian Society for Hair Restoration) and its president Franko Butafaro.