Medical Business Forum (MBF). Kyiv, Ukraine, 2018

Medical Business Forum (MBF) was held in Kyiv (Ukraine) on 13th-14th of November, 2018. Up to 300 delegates from different European countries participated in it, including doctors, clinic owners, managers and marketers.

Only 12 speakers, from different fields of medical services, were invited to the forum, who shared their experience in medical business management to the audience. They discussed the problems and successful steps from their career ladder, interesting marketing views and, what is the most important, the ways how to make the service perfect. All of the speakers emphasized unanimously that the essential basis for a successful medical business is a quality service and highly qualified staff creates a successful brand.

The director of the clinic “DeaMed” – Dea Papaskiri and Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili were among the speakers. Their lecture – “How to Build a Successful Medical Business in Narrow Specialization” lasted one hour and it was dedicated to hair transplantation service improvements based on the examples of the three clinics founded by them (“MedAna” – XXI Century” _ Moscow, “Hairline International” – Tbilisi, “DeaMed” – Tbilisi). It also emphasized the importance of scientific and pedagogical work in the development of the sphere.

The presentation caused great interest in doctors and in clinic owners as well. Interesting offers were made from different countries. Several colleagues expressed desire to be retrained in hair transplantation and they registered in “DeaMed” Teaching Centre.

The clinic “DeaMed” is grateful to the forum organizer and presenter – Lia Smekun.