First Time in Georgia Innovational Hair Transplantation Technology

In November, 2019 the 27th World Congress of ISHRS was held in Bangkok, Thailand, a section of which was dedicated to discussing currently existing hair transplantation technology _ FUE and to comparing analysis. Trivellini System was unanimously recognized as the most effective and safest technology by the experts and attending society. The doctors of clinic DeaMed were actively involved in the works of the congress: Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili and Doctor of Medicines Dea Papaskiri. Of course, right after the congress, this technology was introduced in DeaMed and it has already been successfully used for more than 2 months now.

Trivellini system is the unique and uncompetitive, so called Handheld motorized FUE technology in hair transplantation.

The device has several modes and their combination, which helps quality transplantation of any types of hair. For example, curly hair was the contraindication of FUE method. However, Trivellini system enables to transplant this type of hair without any incisions or scars. Hair transplantation without shaving and long hair transplantation with FUE method are also possible.

Donor hair damage while extraction is minimal, which is much less (5-10 %) than the norm accepted before. In addition to this, no scar is left on the skin (back of head), whereas using other technologies leave multiple dot-like scars, which are visible on the skin of shaved head.

The most important fact is that, patient can control the quantity and damage quality of transplanted grafts.

To sum up, Trivellin system enables to get and transplant any types of hair without damage, which is reflected on transplanted hair viability and result. Moreover, no sign of surgery remains. The method is the most effective and safe. Using this device, we can easily implement the requirements stated to the modern hair transplantation, like:

  • Maximal density and natural image of transplanted hair;
  • No sign of surgery on hairy surface of head;
  • Maximal comfort for patient;
  • Minimal rehabilitation period;
  • No complications!


It must be mentioned that human factor plays a great role in the work of this device. Technology can only be utilized in the hands of professionals. A doctor should have appropriate knowledge and experience in order to select definite mode for each case correctly.

I want to turn to my students and colleagues and urge them to strive to perfection and implement Trivellin system in their practices in order to move to new stage of development.