The First Trans-caucasian International Congress Of “international Society Of Dermatologists” (ISD). Tbilisi, 2014

The First Trans-Caucasian International Congress was held with the support of “International Society of Dermatologists” (ISD) in Tbilisi on October 16th-18th, 2014.

Internationally recognized specialists of the field from the USA, Germany, Belgium, Austria were invited to the congress as lecturers and trainers. The elected President of European Academy (EADV) was among them as well.

Practical course in dermatology was held simultaneously with the plenary session.

Dermatologist Maka Doghozashvili presented a report at the plenary session of aesthetics, where effectiveness of hair transplantation during androgenic and scarring alopecia was analyzed and scientifically proved. The presentation caused great interest among the colleagues.