The First Scientific-Educational Conference of Ukraine. Dnepr, Ukraine, 2018

The first scientific-educational conference  “Modern Trichology and Hair Transplantation” was held on December 12th in the city of Dnepr, Ukraine organized by Clinic “DeaMed” (Tbilisi, Georgia) and company „MedicalmardPRO” (Dnepr,Ukraine).

The congress was participated by dermatologists, trichologists, surgeons, hair transplantologists and clinic owners from different parts of Ukraine,  as well as a delegation from Poland.

The main part of the congress was dedicated to the analysis of clinic DeaMed doctors’ results of scientific and practical work of many years in the field of hair transplantation and trichology. The main topics of discussion were:

  1. “Capabilities of Modern Trichology”.

Presenter Neli Bakuradze-Trichologist, clinic DeaMed.

  1. “Hair Restoration Surgical Methods”.

Presenter – Doctor of medicines, a plastic surgeon, director of clinic DeaMed – Dea Papaskiri.

  1. “Hair Transplantation Mistakes and Complications”.

Presenter – Surgeon, Head of scientific and medical service quality control of clinic “DeaMed”, Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili.

  1. “Trichology and Hair Transplantation Training Centre of Clinic DeaMed – Opportunities for Doctors’ Teaching and Raising Qualifications”.

Presenter – Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili – Tbilisi State Medical University Teaching Programs Coordinator specializing in “Hair Transplantation” and “Trichology”, clinic DeaMed.

  1. “Clinical Communication. The Role of effective Relation Skills with Patients in the Work of a Successful Doctor”.

Presenter – Ala Grabchenko, director of Medical-diagnostic Centre “Menora”, Odessa, Ukraine.

The conference was conducted along with an interesting discussion.

Clinic DeaMed is grateful to the Association of Trichologists of Ukraine for their support.