The First International Congress of “Ukrainian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery” (USHRS), Lvov, Ukraine, 2020

The First International Congress of Ukrainian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (USHRS) was held on February 22nd, 2020 in Lvov (Ukraine). Leading specialist of the field from 10 countries took part in the work of the congress. Modern diagnostic and treating methods of hair loss were presented in the field of trichology and hair transplantation as well. In addition, interesting emphasis was made to the actuality of Scalp Micro Pigmentation – SMP.

An endocrinologist, professor Rusudan Kvatchadze and the doctors of DeaMed Clinic professor Aleksiy Makharashvili and a plastic surgeon, doctor of medicines – Dea Papaskiri were invited to the congress as speakers from Georgia.  Dea Papaskiri’s presentation was dedicated to the modern hair transplantation capabilities, and Aleksiy Makharashvili clarified the mistakes made by young and not qualified doctors in the field:

  1. Dea Papaskiri – “Capabilities of Modern Hair Transplantation”
  2. Aleksiy Makharashvili – “Mistakes and Complications of Hair Transplantation”

The president of FUE Society of Europe – Christian Bisanga (Belgium) and the president of Ukrainian Association of Trichologists – Irina Popova were also invited to the congress as top speakers.