The First International Congress of “Georgian Society of Hair Restoration” (GSHR) Tbilisi, 2019

On October 19th, 2019 the first international congress of “Georgian Society of Hair Restoration” (GSHR) was held in the conference hall of the hotel “Holiday Inn”. Dea Papaskiri was the program coordinator of the congress.

GSHR president, professor Aleksiy Makharashvili’s speech opened the event. Greeting speeches were also presented by the rector of Tbilisi State Medical University, professor Zurab Vadatchkoria and the director of National Scientific-Research Centre of Dermatology and Venereology, professor Giorgi Galdava.

The congress was aimed to consolidate the leading specialists based in Georgia and abroad in order to share modern achievements and experiences. Problematic issues of Trichology and Hair Transplantation were also discussed, as well as the ways of their solutions.

The leading specialists of the field from six different countries participated in the process of the congress. The event was led with a great interest, trichology issues were discussed in the first part of the day, and the second part of the session was dedicated mainly to the hair transplantation and surgical issues. I. Sichenkov’s presentation about specific anesthetic issues during hair transplantation was interesting. The importance of Multidiscipline approach in pathological hair loss diagnostics and treatment was emphasized. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, dermatologists, trichologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, gynecologists and other specials were actively involved in the process of the congress.

The doctors of clinic DeaMed presented four reports:

  1. Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili- “Hair Transplantation Methods. Which Method is better?”
  2. Plastic surgeon, doctor of medicines Dea Papaskiri – “From Studentship to Hair Transplantation – How to Realize an Idea?”
  3. Dermatologist, trichologist Maka Doghozashvili – “Primary, Scarring Alopecia. Our Experience.”
  4. Endocrinologist, nutritionist Ekaterina Inashvili – “Thyroid Gland Deceases and Hair Loss”.

All of the speakers were awarded with a corresponding diploma during the congress.

At the end of the day, after the scientific part of the event, the participants moved to a friendly environment. Celebrating dinner was held in the restaurant “Ethnography”. The guests were pleasantly surprised with traditional Georgian dishes served originally and the unique Georgian folk music.

On October 20th, the next day of the congress an excursion was organized to Kakheti region, in the “Winery Khareba”, where the guests were involved in cooking master classes.



Reportage about GSHR First International Congress 19.10.2019


The Second Congress Day. Excursion to Kakheti, Wine Tunnel, Winery “Khareba”