III Congress Of Georgian-international Medical And Public Health Association (GIMPHA). Tbilisi, 2016

III Congress of Georgian-International Medical and Public Health Association (GIMPHA) was held in Tbilisi on May 21st-22nd, 2016. It should be noted that GIMPHA is an organization which unites Georgian doctors working in different countries of the world and what’s more important its meetings have become regular the third year running, which is certainly the result of efforts of GIMPHA President – Georgian morphologist, working in the Netherlands – Alexi Baidoshvili.

The 3rd Congress was held with the same format as well. It had multi-distant character and highly qualified doctors of different medical fields were taking part in it from various countries of the world.

The actual issues of oncology, pediatrics, infectious diseases, neurology, plastic surgery and dermatology were discussed during the congress.

Aleksiy Makharashvili was participating in plastic surgery section. His report “Treatment of Secondary Scarring alopecia through Follicular Auto-transplantation Method” caused quite big interest among the audience. Discussion was held and a lot of interesting questions were put.

This work debunks the opinion, which is, unfortunately, still common among doctors, that hair cannot grow in scarring areas. The research results proof that hair transplantation is an effective method for treating scarring alopecia after different types of traumas on hairy area of head (surgery, burning, mechanic traumas, etc.). A lot of patients’ problems have been solved this way and it has made their social adaptation easier.

The section coordinator, founder and director of Burn Centre, Professor Besik Iashvili highly assessed Aleksiy Makharashvili’s report.