Hair Transplantation with Implanter Pen

Nowadays, hair transplantation with implanter pens is becoming more and more popular, as a big majority of transplantologists consider that using them sufficiently increases the viability of transplanted hair. The implanter pens are only used at the implanting stage. It makes possible not to form micro holes in advance as the implanter pen stings the skin and inserts grafts simultaneously.

Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili was the first in Georgia to use implanter pens for hair transplantation.

The implanter pens recommended by Jose Lorenzo are used in “DeaMed”. They cause less damage to grafts unlike Choi Implanter Pens, especially during FUE method.

The advantages of using implanter pens:

  1. Grafts are not damaged while implanting. The graft is placed in the implanter needle and is safe from being squashed, folded or damaged with tweezers.
  2. Precise control of graft implanting depth. The graft is guaranteed to be placed into the layer of skin, where the follicle has the most proper environment to adapt well.
  3. No bleeding or blood loss. The implanter pen stings the skin and inserts grafts simultaneously. There is no open incision (as it happens during hair implantation with tweezers while preparing micro holes in advance), where there still appear a little blood loss.
  4. Minimum damage to skin. In conditions of incisions long term numbness of scalp is impossible and blood circulation disorder is minimized, which influences on grafts viability.
  5. No graft loss. The compatibility of grafts and implanter pen needles diameters eliminated the possibility of bleeding or graft loss in the post surgical period.
  6. Maximum density.  The small size of hole made with implanter pen needles enable transplanting hair with maximum density.
  7. Less time spent for implantation due to simultaneous process of forming micro hole and implanting grafts.
  8. No need to shave hair. It is possible to transplant hair without shaving in case of partly alopecia (so called implantation in hair). Using implanter pens avoids existing hair damage and enables the shallow areas to be completely filled.

High qualification level and professionalism of our clinic doctors excludes graft damage while transplanting even with tweezers. However, using micro tools lessens tissue traumas and maximum hair density can be achieved. Considering the 3rd, 5th and 7th points, enlisted above, we believe that using implanter pens is more comfortable for a patient.