Dea Papaskiri

Hair Transplant

The founder and director of clinic “DeaMed”, Doctor of Medicine

  • Current member of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. (ISHRS USA).
  • President of  Georgian Society of Hair Restoration (GSHR)
  • Current member of Plastic, Reconstruction and Esthetic Surgery of Georgia (GeoPRAS).
  • President  of the Russian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (RSHRS)
  • Current member of the Society of Plastic Surgery of Russia.


Dea Papaskiri started studying the modern technologies of hair transplantation even during her residency program. Her first teacher was US working Georgian professor Tamaz Tamazashvili. However, the Doctor of Medicine, Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili played the most important role in her development as a professional.

In 2003 Dea Papaskiri and Aleksiy Makharashvili established a specialized hair transplantation department in Moscow (, which is still successfully functioning. In 2004 they starting preparing new recruits in Georgia. Dea arriving in Tbilisi for eight months and within this period she trained a whole team of doctors and nurses, teaching them the newest hair transplantation technologies. This how the clinic “Hairline International” was founded, the founder of which is the Professor Aleksiy Makharashvili.

In 2010 Dea Papaskiri defended a thesis regarding “Surgical Treatment of the Patients with Scar Defects on the Hairy Area of Head”, which mean transplanting hair in scar areas using follicular microtransplantation method. This work is unique with its scientific value and has no analogue in the world. It should be mentioned that all of the patients mentioned in the thesis were operated by her. Based on profound analysis of clinical and morphological researches, Dea Papaskiri proved that hair transplantation in scar areas is possible and give good results. Besides high growing ability of the hair, the scar area structure also improves. Before this work, there was a fixed idea in medical societies that hair transplantation in scar areas was impossible. Nowadays a lot of patients don’t have the psycho-social problem caused by scar defects.


  1. 2018-current _ Clinic “DeaMed” – Director, leading plastic surgeon, Tbilisi.
  2. 2013-04.2018 _ Hair transplantation clinic “Hairline International” – Leading plastic surgeon, Tbilisi.
  3. 2009-current _ Surgeon at specialized hair transplantation department of the multi-profile surgical clinic “MakaMed”, Moscow.
  4. 2003-2009 _ Surgeon at specialized hair transplantation department of clinic «Медана XXI Век», Moscow.