Plasmotherapy is an injection procedure for hair loss treatment, during which a person’s own plasma (autoplasma) is injected into the skin.

Since 1970, plasmotherapy has acquired a significant role in the process of acceleration of tissue regeneration. Initially, it was used in general surgery and
traumatology: platelet rich plasma actively stimulates tissue reconstruction processes, which enhances recovery processes after surgery. At that time, the improvement of the
skin structure condition was defined as an accompanying effect, after which it was introduced into aesthetic medicine.

Human plasma consists of important active biological components, such as: vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids, hormones and, most importantly, platelets, which are
rich in growth factor (GF). It is the growth factor that provides angiogenesis, cell proliferation (stimulation of cell growth), which finally leads to improvement of the
problem area.

Due to these properties of plasmotherapy, it is actively used in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Increasingly more systematically and more frequently this
procedure has been used during hair loss and for various skin problems. When injected into the problem area, plasma activates the growth of collagen, hyaluron and hair
follicles. The skin structure and blood circulation improve, the tissues are enriched with necessary substances. The hair follicles blood circulation is also stimulated and
dormant follicles are activated.

Plasmotherapy is actively used in case of the following problems:

It is very important to assess the patient’s general condition before the procedure. Before plasmotherapy, it is recommended to undergo a complete blood count test, as
well as inform your doctor about any drugs that you are taking. Especially, about administration of such drugs, which may have effect on blood clotting. It is also important to follow a healthy eating pattern: before the procedure, you should not take high fat content food, alcohol, coffee.

Plasmotherapy is not a complicated procedure, it lasts about 30-40 minutes, and is performed aseptically by a dermatologist – trichologist. First, venous blood is taken and
placed in a special plasmotherapy test tube, the blood is centrifuged and platelet rich plasma is obtained. The plasma obtained from the test tube is injected subcutaneously with a fine needle (30-32 G), which ultimately leads to such positive results as stopping hair loss, improving the hair density and structure, the scalp condition.

As of today, there are numerous plasmotherapy test tubes of various types and generations, and the choice of one or another is very important and is made in each particular case by a doctor.

The result of plasmotherapy is observed in about 2-3 weeks, the interval between the procedures is 3-5 weeks. It is necessary to undergo at least 3 procedures, and the number and frequency of the procedures is determined individually, depending on the

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