On February 18, 2023, Dea Papaskiri – plastic surgeon, MD, founder and director of the Deamed clinic – was awarded the honorary title of hair transplant expert at the Award Ceremony of doctors (MedART GROUP), held at the Sheraton Metekhi Hotel!
It was a well-deserved reward for her contribution to the development of the field of hair transplantation!
The title of hair transplant expert is the result of many years of successful practice by Dea Papaskiri.
Dea Papaskiri is a doctor who made the effectiveness of hair transplantation into reality!
Dea Papaskiri has 21 years of continuous practice and teaching in the field of hair transplantation (accredited teacher of TSMU), at the same time she is the author of  “Deamed Standard”.
What distinguishes the special “handwriting” of Dei Papaskiri:Possession of the highest technologies of hair transplantation and their masterful application in the operating room;
A special, unique vision and approach to the problem of each patient, which is unanimously;
Recognized by both patients and students from all over  the world;
Operation planning accuracy (that leads to the best result);
Love and sincerity for your work Dea Papaskiri is the author of a dissertation on effective hair transplantation in patients with scarring of the scalp. This work in the field of hair transplantation is unique and has no analogues in the world. Thanks to Dea Papaskiri, today many patients  got rid of the psycho-social problems, were due to scar defects.