Aleksiy Makharashvili – Surgeon, Doctor of Medicine, Professor. Head of medical service quality control of clinic “DeaMed”.

Qualification program coordinator in “Hair Autotransplantation” at Tbilisi State Medical University.

Current member of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. (ISHRS).

The founder of The Association of Hair Transplantation and Trichology.

Current member of Plastic, Reconstruction and Esthetic Surgery of Georgia (GeoPRAS).

Current member of Society of Plastic Surgeons of Russia.

Experience in surgery – 25 years.

Experience ib hair transplantology – 16 years.

Aleksiy Makharashvili has made an important contribution in introduction of modern hair transplantation technologies and in development of this field generally in Georgia and beyond its borders. Initially he founded a hair transplantation clinic in 2003 in Moscow (lisine-net.ru) where he invited a Georgian professor living in America Tamaz Tamazashvili, who was the founder of the first hair transplantation clinic in Georgia – “Talizi”. Sadly, T. Tamazashvili left the clinic work soon and started work at a death donation company in New York, where he is successfully occupied until now. And in 2005 Aleksiy Makharashvili founded clinic “Hairline” in Georgia, where he introduced massive hair transplantation surgeries with FUE (sutureless) method, long hair transplantation, brow, moustache and beard transplantation, hair transplantation in scars, hair transplantation from beard and other parts of body. He is the participant of a lot of international conferences and the author of original scientific works.

Aleksiy Makharashvili trained many doctors in hair transplantation. His trainees were: Dea Papaskiri, Nodar Kakiashvili (Russia), Irakli Bebiashvili (Georgia), Azer Melikov (Azerbaijan), Petar Kostov (Bulgaria), Patima Doeva (Russia), Nina Fisher (Germany), Jaly Suleimanova (Azerbaijan), Radostina Plachkova (Bulgaria), Vasil Tsiberna (Moldova), Ervand Margaryan (Ukraine), Nidal Moedi (Israel), etc.

Work Experience:

05.2018 – current _ Leading surgeon and head of medical service quality control of clinic “DeaMed”, Tbilsisi.

2012-03.2018 _ Director of hair transplantation clinic “Hairline International”, Tbilisi.

2009-current _ Plastic surgeon of a hair transplantation specialized department at multi-profile surgical clinic “MakaMed”, Moscow.

2003-2009 _ Head of hair transplantation specialized department and surgeon at clinic «Медана XXI Век» , Moscow.

1997-2012 _ Surgeon oncologist of Coloproctology Department at N. Blokhin Scientific Oncological Centre of Russia.

1994-1996 _ Clinical Ordinator of surgical department at the 8th Clinical Hospital of Tbilisi.