We are saddened to inform you of the death of our dearest colleague, Prof. Aleksiy Makharashvili, who died suddenly September 4th.

Aleksiy, an ISHRS member since 2009, made important contributions in the introduction of modern hair transplantation technologies and in the development of this field in

Georgia and beyond its borders. Originally an oncologist surgeon, Aleksiy loved his work. After many years working in the Public Hospital in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, he decided to devote himself to a new direction in surgery and founded a hair transplantation department at a multi-profile surgical clinic in Moscow, Russia, in 2002.

Currently, Aleksiy was Lead Surgeon at DeaMed Clinic where he worked beside his wife, Dea (Diana) Papaskiri, MD, PhD. Dea started studying the modern technologies of hair transplantation during her residency program, and she notes that is where Aleksiy played the most important role in her development as a professional. In 2003, Aleksiy and Dea established a specialized hair transplantation department in Moscow, which is still successfully running.

Aleksiy was a sincere, humble, and wise man, who truly loved his country of origin, returning to Georgia to share his knowledge with others. Dedicated to his new professional passion, Aleksiy was the first to apply Long Hair FUE in Eastern Europe, where he introduced the most modern techniques of hair transplantation. Aleksiy and Dea taught new

recruits in Tbilisi, Georgia, training a whole team of doctors and nurses in the newest hair transplantation technologies. It was through this experience that Aleksiy founded “Hairline International,” in Georgia, where he demonstrated hair transplantation surgeries using the

FUE (sutureless) method; long hair transplantation; brow, moustache, and beard transplantation; transplantation in scars, and hair transplantation from beard and other parts of body.

Aleksiy was happy to always share his knowledge and skills with other surgeons.
He founded a qualification program, Hair Autotransplantation, at Tbilisi State Medical
University, and he trained physicians in hair transplantation coming from many countries including Georgia, Russia,
Ukraine, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Germany, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and Israel.
Wishing to facilitate the training of physicians and achieve excellence in medical and surgical outcomes,

Aleksiy started the Georgian Society of Hair Restoration (GSHR) and regularly organized annual meetings and conferences.

Alesksiy enjoyed attending and learning at the ISHRS World Congresses. He was a humble person and never as pired to public speaking, although he had tremendous skills and knowledge.

The news of his sudden death was shocking and unbelievable to all who knew Aleksiy.
I am confident his projects will be successfully continued by his friends and trainees, and his legacy will live on through their work.

Our sincere condolences go out to his family.
Rest in Peace,
Tatiana Silyuk, MD St Petersburg, Russia