Surgical stomatology is one of the leading and responsible profile in general dentistry, it includes:

  1. Children’s surgery – Timely and not early surgical intervention in children has a great importance for orthopedic development of an occlusion arch.
  2. Safe and painless removal of retention teeth is an important factor for a patient.
  3. Complicated appearance of the third molar so called wisdom tooth out of the dental arch is a big discomfort for a patient, it is characterized with pain, swelling and trismus. In such case, timely surgical intervention will avoid further complications.
  4. Incision and exudates drainage – this is a quick and effective means of help for a complicated, infected, swollen tooth.
  5. In case of paradontosis, patients lose their healthy teeth and timely splinting is a means of tooth retention for a certain time.


Dental surgeon: Marina Omanashvili