Children’s Stomatology

Children’s stomatology is an independent direction and requires a specific approach. Special materials and methods are used while working with children, depending on their age.

The first appointment should desirably be of a prophylactic character, as the first impressions have vital importance, defining the child’s further attitude to dental care, mouth care and to doctors generally.

A little patient’s first visit to a dentist is recommended to be appointed as soon as the first tooth appears. The dentist chooses the compatible toothpaste and toothbrush for the child, with give a prescription and recommendations.

Fissures Hemetization

Fissures Hemetization is a prophylactic manipulation, which is performed from the age of 6-7. (as soon as the 6th permanent teeth appear). Depression groves of both molar and premolar teeth, are filled with special material (sealant). Sealants protect the teeth from the harmful bacteria causing caries for 2-3 years.