Therapeutic Stomatology

Therapeutic stomatology is aimed to diagnose and treat damages of different tissues of teeth. The damages can be caused by caries or non-caries process, or traumas. They can be restored with filling (restoration) considering the anatomy and functions of each tooth.

The materials used in modern stomatology are biocompatible; almost all of them are Helio fillings. There are different types of materials, which differ with various features from each other: color and transparency, viability, light transition quality. Consequently, a group of materials is used for aesthetic works (front teeth restoration), other groups are used for restoring the molar teeth, as they have more load. In case of tooth decay or Bruxism, ceramics enriched material is used, which is more decay durable.

Fillings are chosen together with the patient individually.

Caries cave are mainly filled with just one visit, if endodontic treatment of root canals is not considered.

Processing a tooth is absolutely painless with modern local anesthesia means, as well as its further filling. Filling layers are strengthened with a special photopolymerizator. Eyes must be protected from its rays with special protecting eyeglasses. Finished filling requires final polishing and fading, as a result the filling doesn’t look any different from a natural tissue.

After filling, the tooth is sometimes sensitive to cold and hot teasers or some discomfort can be felt while chewing, though these feeling go away in several days.


Professional Teeth Cleaning

Professional Teeth Cleaning is recommended to be done once in 6 month, although in case of bracket-system treatment, smoking or frequent usage of coffee or tea, teeth need cleaning in less time than 6 months. It can be used in children, pregnant women, in case of parodontitis and other parodontological deceases. It cleans even the most difficult areas to reach.

Cleaning stages:

  • Hard plaque and stones removal with an ultrasound machine
  • Pigmentation removal with KaVo PROPYflex
  • Teeth polishing
  • Remineralization (fluoridation)

After the cleaning procedure, doctor stomatologist will individually recommend hygienic means, which are personally selected for your oral cavity.

The procedure is completely painless.

  • Cleaning manipulation needs minimal time
  • It is effective and safe method in case of having zirconium-ceramic crowns, veneers, implants or bracket-system.
  • Can be used from the age of 2


Fluoride is a natural microelement, which strengthens the enamel and makes it resistant to acids. Consequently, it protects teeth from caries and decreases teeth sensitivity.

In children fluoridation is recommended to be performed twice a year, as a means of prevention.

Besides this, fluoridation is also recommended to the patients with xerostomia (chronic oral cavity dryness), generalized form of gum recession and teeth excessive sensitivity.

Chemical whitening

Whitening is becoming more and more demanding in modern dentistry.

Several factors can cause teeth dark color:

For example, taking tetracycline in young age or excessive amount of fluoride in body.

Colorful food and drinks, like: orange, coffee, tea, red wine, etc. Smoking, genetics, age – natural color of enamel becomes darker with time.

Chemical whitening is performed using individual created, transparent caps and whitening gel chosen by the doctor. Whitening agent (hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, which produce oxygen) influences on the enamel. Oxygen reaches into the tissue and removes pigments. We can manage the whitening process and change the color with 3-8 tones.

Using whitening means time and frequency is also individually chosen.

Desirable result is achieved in 5 days or a week.